Snakes in Washington

On this page, you can find an overview of snakes in Washington State. The list is separated into non-venomous and venomous snakes in Washington.

Currently, 13 snake species can be found in Washington State. Only two of them are venomous and can be dangerous for humans: the western rattlesnake (Cortalus viridis) found in the eastern part of the state and the Pacific rattlesnake (Cortalus oreganus) found in the western part of the state. In the past, the Pacific rattlesnake was considered a subspecies of the western rattlesnake. Therefore, several outdates sources state that there is only one venomous snake species in Washington.

To learn more about the snake species, just scroll down and click on the images or names of the snakes below.

If you have encountered a snake in Washington that you cannot identify yourself, we’ll be happy to identify it for you. Simply take a picture of it and upload your picture, a quick description and the U.S. state where it was found here on our snake identification page

List of venomous snakes in Washington

Crotalus Oreganus - Pacific Rattlesnake information

Crotalus Oreganus – Pacific Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus, commonly called the (Northern) Pacific rattlesnake is a venomous rattlesnake found in Western America from British Columbia in ...
Crotalus Viridis - Western Rattlesnake prairie rattlesnake in Montana

Crotalus Viridis – Western Rattlesnake

The western rattlesnake or prairie rattlensnake, is a venomous snake species that can be found in the Mid-West of the ...

List of non-venomous snakes in Washington

Of the 11 harmless snakes found in Washington State, three are garter snake species that are often found in or near water. The non-venomous western gopher snake, including its subspecies, the bullsnake, mimicks the appearance and behavior of the venomous rattlesnake to scare off potential predators.

Thamnophis Ordinoides - Northwestern Garter Snake dark brown snake with longitudinal stripes orange and yellow. Found in Oregon, washington and california

Thamnophis Ordinoides – Northwestern Garter Snake

The northwestern garter snake is one of the smaller species of the harmless garter snakes. It is found in the ...
Masticophis Taeniatus - Striped Whipsnake information

Masticophis Taeniatus – Striped Whipsnake

The striped whipsnake is a nonvenomous snake found in the Western and Southern United States and in Northwestern Mexico. It ...
Lampropeltis zonata - California mountain kingsnake information

Lampropeltis Zonata – California Mountain Kingsnake

The california mountain kingsnake, is a nonvenomous snake with red, black and white/yellow crossbands mimicking the appearance of venomous coral ...
Hypsiglena Torquata - Night Snake in the united states information

Hypsiglena Torquata – Night Snake

The night snake is a small, mostly nocturnal snake found in the Western United States and in Mexico. Its body ...
Contia Tenuis - Sharp-Tailed Snake in the United States information

Contia Tenuis – Sharp-Tailed Snake

The sharp-tailed snake, Contia tenuis, is a small, almost worm-like snake found in the Western United States. The brown, orange ...
Pituophis Catenifer - Pacific Gopher Snake information bullsnake, western gopher snake

Pituophis Catenifer – Pacific Gopher Snake

The Pacific gopher snake, Pituophis catenifer, is a nonvenomous snake found in the Western United States, Canada and Mexico. It ...
Thamnophis Elegans - Western Terrestrial Garter Snake information

Thamnophis Elegans – Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

The western terrestrial garter snake is a harmless snake species that can be found throughout the Western United States. Its ...
Diadophis Punctatus - Ring-Necked Snake grey brown with yellow belly and yellow ring around its neck

Diadophis Punctatus – Ring-Necked Snake

The ring-necked snake, Diadophis punctatus, is a harmless small snake that can be found throughout most of the United States ...
Thamnophis Sirtalis - Common Garter Snake information and subspecies overview

Thamnophis Sirtalis – Common Garter Snake

The common garter snake is the best-known and most widespread species among the garter snakes. It can be found throughout ...
Charina Bottae - Rubber Boa Overview

Charina Bottae – Rubber Boa

Charina bottae, the rubber boa, is the smaller of the two species of boas native to the United States. It ...
Eastern racer Coluber constrictor in the United States overview

Coluber Constrictor – Racer

Coluber constrictor, commonly called the eastern racer is a nonvenomous snake species. The species contains eleven subspecies that can be ...
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