Blind Snake

Indotyphlops Braminus – Brahminy Blind Snake

Indotyphlops Braminus, the Brahminy blind snake is a nonvenomous blind snake found throughout the world. The small, worm-like snake originates from Southeast Asian and India has most likely spread throughout the world hiding in flower pots. This fact has earned the snake is second most used common name, the flowerpot snake. Due to its abundance […]

Rena Dulcis – Texas Blind Snake

Rena dulcis, the Texas blind snake, is a small snake endemic to the Southern United States and Northern Mexico. Blind snakes do not have any vision and spend most of their lives underground, preying on small insects like ants and termites. Description Size An adult Texas blind snake grows to a size of up to […]

Rena Humilis – Western Blind Snake

Rena humilis, the western blind snake, is a small and primitive earthworm-like snake native to the Southwestern United States. As their common name suggests, blind snakes don’t have any vision and spend most of their time burrowed underground. Description Size An adult western blind snake reaches a length of up to 12 inches (30 cm). […]

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