Water Snake

Nerodia Erythrogaster – Plain-Bellied Water Snake

The plain-bellied watersnake is a nonvenomous snake most commonly found in or near water in the Southeastern United States. It is usually uniformely colored in black, dark brown or grey with a plain-colored yellow, orange or red belly. Description The plain-bellied water snake is most commonly uniformly dark colored with a lighter, plain-colored belly. The […]

Nerodia Sipedon – Common Watersnake

The common watersnake is a nonvenomous snake that is often seen throughout the Eastern United States as well as Southeastern Canada. Due to its often brown coloration with dark brown blotches, it is often confused with the venomous cottonmouth (or water moccasin) or the venomous copperhead snake. Description The common watersnake can be brown, reddish-brown, […]

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