Garter Snake

Thamnophis Proximus – Western Ribbon Snake

The western ribbon snake, thamnophis proximus, is a nonvenomous colubrid snake found in the Central United States, Mexico and parts of Central America. It belongs to the genus of garter snakes and shows the characteristic dark body coloration with three longitudinal stripes, usually in orange and yellow colors. The western ribbon snake can easily be […]

Thamnophis Sauritus – Ribbon Snake

The ribbon snake, Thamnophis sauritus, is a common non-venomous garter snake species found in the Eastern United States. The snake is dark with three light yellow, green or blue longitudinal stripes along its back. It is mostly found in or near water and feeds almost exclusively on frogs. In the Central United States, its range […]

Thamnophis Butleri – Butler’s Garter Snake

Butler’s garter snake (Thamnophis butleri) is one of the smallest representatives of the genus garter snake (Thamnophis). This nonvenomous dark-brown or black snake with three yellow longitudinal stripes is found in the Northern United States and neighboring Canada around the Great Lakes. Description The basic coloration of the Butler’s garter snake varies from olive to […]

Thamnophis Ordinoides – Northwestern Garter Snake

The northwestern garter snake is one of the smaller species of the harmless garter snakes. It is found in the Northwestern United States and neighboring Canada. Most commonly, the snake has a dark body with one or three lighter longitudinal stripes. Description The northwestern garter snake shows a very high variability in the basic coloration. […]

Thamnophis Atratus – Aquatic Garter Snake

The aquatic garter snake, Thamnophis atratus, is a harmless snake species found in California and Oregon. The appearance of the snake can vary but it is usually a dark-colored snake with one or three yellow or orange longitudinals stripes along its body. As its common name suggests, the snake is often found near or in […]

Thamnophis Radix – Plains Garter Snake

The plains garter snake is a harmless snake species that is found throughout the Central United States and Canada. The snake is mostly dark with three yellow or orange longitudinal stripes along its body. Description The base color of the plains garter snake is dark brown, black or olive green, often with severall small yellow […]

Thamnophis Elegans – Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

The western terrestrial garter snake is a harmless snake species that can be found throughout the Western United States. Its five subspecies come in a variety of colors ranging from brown to red, purple, yellow and black. Description The 5 subspecies of the western terrstrial garter snake come in various different colors. The most widely […]

Thamnophis Sirtalis – Common Garter Snake

The common garter snake is the best-known and most widespread species among the garter snakes. It can be found throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. It lives in forests, meadows and swamps, but also parks and gardens. Proximity to waters is always a prerequisite. The predominantly day-active common garter snake spends most of its […]

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