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Heterodon Platirhinos – Eastern Hognose Snake

The eastern hognose snake is a harmless medium-sized snake found in the Central and Eastern United States. The snake has a hog-shaped snout and a broad and flat neck. Its coloration and patterns can be extremely variable ranging from completely black specimen to colorfully patterned individuals. Description The hognose snake got its common name from […]

Crotalus Concolor – Midget Faded Rattlesnake

The midget faded rattlesnake is a small venomous snake found around the basins of the Colorado River and the Green River. Cortalus concolor is commonly also called the yellow rattlesnake. Description The base color of the midget faded rattlesnake can range from a yellow brown, light brown to even reddish or pinkish. The body is […]

Rhinocheilus Lecontei – Long-Nosed Snake

The long-nosed snake is a nonvenomous snake found in arid habitats in the Western United States. It has alternating black and red color patterns (crossbands or rectangles) on a white or cream-colored background. Description The body of the long-nosed snake is characeristically colored with red, black and cream-colors. The snake has several alternating red and […]

Thamnophis Ordinoides – Northwestern Garter Snake

The northwestern garter snake is one of the smaller species of the harmless garter snakes. It is found in the Northwestern United States and neighboring Canada. Most commonly, the snake has a dark body with one or three lighter longitudinal stripes. Description The northwestern garter snake shows a very high variability in the basic coloration. […]

Thamnophis Atratus – Aquatic Garter Snake

The aquatic garter snake, Thamnophis atratus, is a harmless snake species found in California and Oregon. The appearance of the snake can vary but it is usually a dark-colored snake with one or three yellow or orange longitudinals stripes along its body. As its common name suggests, the snake is often found near or in […]

Sonora Semiannulata – Western Ground Snake

Sonora semiannulata, the western ground snake is a small nonvenomous snake found in the Western United States and in Mexico. It can have various body colorations with strong colors. It is also referred to as the common ground snake or the variable ground snake, due to its variable body coloration. Description The color of the […]

Masticophis Taeniatus – Striped Whipsnake

The striped whipsnake is a nonvenomous snake found in the Western and Southern United States and in Northwestern Mexico. It is usually a dark-colored snake with longitudinal yellow stripes on both sides. Description The striped whipsnake is a long and slender-built snake. Its body coloration varies from grey to olive-green and reddish-brown to black. The […]

Lampropeltis Zonata – California Mountain Kingsnake

The california mountain kingsnake, is a nonvenomous snake with red, black and white/yellow crossbands mimicking the appearance of venomous coral snakes. It inhabits the mountain ranges of the Western United States from southern Washington to California. Its common name can lead to confusions with the California kingsnake, a black and yellow snake. Description The back […]

Lampropeltis Nigra – Black Kingsnake

The black kingsnake is a large, mostly black snake with a yellow and black belly. It can be found in the Southeastern and Central United States. The black kingsnake was previously considered a subspecies of the common kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula) and is still somtimes referred to as Lampropeltis getula splendida or the eastern black kingsnake. […]

Lampropeltis Splendida – Desert Kingsnake

The desert kingsnake is a large black snake with yellow crossbands or spreckles. It occurs in the Southern United States and in Northern Mexico. The desert kingsnake was previously considered a subspecies of the common kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula) and is still somtimes referred to as Lampropeltis getula splendida. Description The desert kingsnake most commonly has […]

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