Other Nonvenomous Snakes

Pituophis Catenifer – Pacific Gopher Snake

The Pacific gopher snake, Pituophis catenifer, is a nonvenomous snake found in the Western United States, Canada and Mexico. It is commonly called the Pacific gopher snake, Western gopher snake or coast gopher snake. The bullsnake is one of its five subspecies. This nonvenomous and harmless constrictor snake mimicks the behavior and appearance of venomous […]

Storeria Occipitomaculata – Redbelly Snake

Storeria occipitomaculata, the redbelly snake is a small, dark brown , grey or black snake with a red, orange or bright yellow belly. It is found in the Eastern United States and is nonvenomous. Description The body of the red-bellied snake can take on a wide range of colors from dark brown to red-brown, gray […]

Diadophis Punctatus – Ring-Necked Snake

The ring-necked snake, Diadophis punctatus, is a harmless small snake that can be found throughout most of the United States and parts of Mexico and Canada. It is mostly grey or brown with a colorful belly side and a colorful ring behind its head. Ring-Necked Snake Description The common name of the snake refers to […]

Cemophora Coccinea – Scarlet Snake

The scarlet snake is a colorful nonvenomous snake that can be found in the Southeastern and the Eastern United States. Due to its coloration, it is often confused with the highly venomous eastern coral snake native to the Southeastern U.S. Description Scarlet snakes are white, light grey or light yellow and have several red blotches […]

Storeria Dekayi – Brown Snake

Storeris dekayi, commonly called the (American) brown snake or Dekay’s snake is a small non-venomous snake that can be found in the Eastern United States, Canada, Mexico as well as other countries in Central America. Description As its common name suggests, its predominant body color is brown. It can either be a lighter yellow-brown or […]

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